About Callabhi



    To provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers.

    Corporate Information

    1. The official website www.callabhi.com

    2. Our search service is available to users across multiple platforms, such as the internet, mobile Internet, over the telephone (voice) and text (SMS).

    3. We believe that our search service bridges the gap between our users and business by helping users find relevant providers of products andservices quickly while helping business listed in our database to market their offerings.

    Key Highlights

    1. Services offered across various cities and towns in India

    2. Advanced and scalable technology platform

    3. Experienced management team

    4. Large online community for reviews

    5. Long operating history with a proven monetization model

    CALLABHI Purpose

    1. Whatever your local need…start here, get it done.

    2. CALLABHI purpose is to help a billion plus Indians satisfy their many local needs in the quickest, smartest way possible.

    3. We do this by connecting and helping them transact with fellow consumers and local businesses in an environment of trust and security.

    4. In short, we lubricate and enable local digital commerce.

    5. CALLABHI is India's leading online and mobile platform, enabling millions of connections and transactions every month.

    6. We do this by innovatively integrating multiple mechanisms â€" business listings, classifieds, deals,ecommerce and reviews/ratings â€" through which our users satisfy their local needs across multiple domains:

    Property || Home Needs || Office Needs || Lifestyle || Health || Education || Mobiles || Eatouts || Cars || Travel || Jobs|| Food